The Mayans Are Ruining My News Feed!

Ancient Mayans are credibly known for their advancements in astronomy and writing. However, this month they are known for clogging up news feeds with talk of the end of the world.

While many people across the globe are taking the idea of the end of Earth seriously by preparing bomb shelters in the backyard and stocking up on spaghetti-O’s others are rejoicing the day of December 22, 2012.

“The world should’ve ended four months ago or something like that because the Mayan’s didn’t account for leap year,” said Bryson Viquelia, a freshman at Pensacola State.

The Mayans calculated three different calendars stretching over thousands of years. The twenty-first marks the end of the first calendar called The Long Count. The next day will be just the same as the day before but in the next calendar, The Haab.

Somewhere the end of the first calendar was translated into the end of humanity as we know it and ensued panic to leak out onto the news feeds of millions.

Instead of the massive panic attacks that people are having, Mayan researches like to think that December 21, 2012, should be a day of celebration, the beginning of a new era.

“In the past hour I’ve had three posts about it [Mayans], but its been blowing up for the past week,” said Torie Opp, a student at PSC mentioning her Facebook newsfeed.

We have all seen the humorous cartoons and posts mocking the but why is it such a crisis?

“I think a lot of people are making such a big deal because sometimes the world shows signs like all the major earth quakes, and how is it so warm in December,” said Rebecca Byers, a sophomore at PSC.

Although nobody can be certain what will happen on December 21, 2012, buying a new pack of batteries wouldn’t be a bad idea whether they happen to be for new toys or perhaps flashlights.


You’re Not Facing Finals Alone.

Tis the season for holiday shopping and weather to cool down to a chilling 65 degrees. For the distant bell ringing for charities, for those posed pictures with the family wearing ugly holiday sweaters, and for finals designed to completely melt your brains. The beginning of the semester seems like just a few days ago but as we are constantly reminded by our smart phones and teachers, finals are quickly approaching. Whether it is your first semester at Pensacola State or your last, preparations are always necessary to combat the last week of school.

Don’t worry if you are completely freaking out about the upcoming tests because you are not alone. Most students are worried about at least one final of their semester load and how they will cope with planning their studying tactics while dealing with the bustles of the upcoming shopping season and family members galore.

“My anatomy lecture class is the one [final] I am most nervous for,” said Ana Woodard, a freshman at PSC.

So how do you prepare yourself for the end of the semester finals? First off, get a grip. Scarfing down a full box of Zebra Cakes is not going to help you survive this week of exams. Eating a sensible breakfast or listening to classical music is a good idea for the average tests but a final is packed with pressure and nausea, although you should eat if your nerves can manage.

“I’m studying every morning for an hour when I wake up and every night after dinner with flashcards,” said Taylor Larkin, a sophomore at UWF.

Want an A? You should study more.

There are a few ways to improve your study habits like better note taking skills. Some students have taken to using highlighters to color code information. Usually if something is important to know, a teacher will put emphasis on the information.

Since the dawn of time flashcards have been a beautiful tool in helping us learn.  Websites like incorporate the information that you would put on flashcards into a techy way to play games and learn the material. Think of it a leap pad for college students. Study Blue even has an app so you can take studying anywhere you go.

Most classes now have a companion website through Elearning or through your textbook. The sample tests and bonus information can give you a head start in your studying.

Study groups. Form a study group and meet in the library (they have extended hours during finals) and help each other learn the material. If people aren’t your style, you can always record the lectures and play them back while you’re sleeping to really let the information sink in.

What happens the day of the test when you are having trust issues with yourself, the material, and have been awake for 24 hours studying? “I usually pray before a test,” said Ana Woodard. If you’re not feeling the faith you can always opt for Larkin’s idea, “Lucky underwear.”

December 17th will be here before any of us can fully comprehend that it’s here so just try to take it easy on the Red Bulls. Last bit of advice from students is  relax, slow down, study like you mean it, and party when they are done.

Marie Antoinette vs. Kate Middleton

kate-middleton-300225px-Marie_Antoinette_1767 I am under the extreme impression that Kate Middleton is the new Marie Antoinette, minus the awful beheading and royally bad attitude towards the average person.

Sure, they come from different backgrounds and Antoinette was Austrian/French and Middleton is British/British but let’s look at the bigger picture. Middleton was a bit older when getting married (early 30s) and Antoinette was in her late teens. But, in a certain way they both waited a long time before consummating their love publicly. Kate waited YEARS for Prince William to pop the question and Marie and Louis XLI didn’t knock boots until YEARS after their marriage.

They are both style icons for the world. Marie was always wearing customized gowns and flaunting them for the world to see (part of which got her in trouble). Kate is on any cover of magazine in the grocery checkout lane. Kate is, however, known for her style repeats. She’s so average. I love it.

Kate Middleton just announced that she is pregnant and England is rejoicing, hoping for a boy so they will have an heir to the throne. Whatever England, I am praying for a baby girl. A mix of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton will be the prettiest baby ever.

Marie Antoinette’s first born was also a girl, just saying. No need to go into the gory details about her going mad after her parents’ murders.

Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival 2012


Sailing the Daedalus

An audio slideshow allowing the audience to have a glipse of what sailing is like being aboard the vessel Daedalus while hearing just one of the many stories of Captain BJ Roberts.

Gee, what song is stuck in YOUR head?

This is what’s stuck in my head today, yesterday, all last week.

Songs get stuck in your head so easily and it is hard work to get out of your head once it’s there.
Do you have any tips and tricks to get songs out your head?

In this specific episode of Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebob gets an “earworm” that sits in your brain and plays the same song over and over again and the gang of usual characters have to find out a way to drive the ear worm out. Sandy tries to play her guitar a song. Doesn’t work. Squidward finds that his clarinet gets a standing ovation from the ear worm and he quickly leaves.

Do you have an earworm?

A Real American Picker

I have a confession to make, I am slightly addicted to the show “American Pickers”. Mike and Frank find the coolest, most unique things and it is some crazy to see what they will buy and sell some of the items they find.

I had a chance to visit with a real American picker from my hometown of Perdido Key, Florida.