We all have to take long, ridiculous drives – whether we want to or not.

With gas prices in their all time highs and the cultural need to be going 90 miles an hour everyday, praying for more time. We all curse sitting in the car for an extended amount of time, wasting time by comuting.

Then then a song comes on the radio, it takes you back to a simpler time. Maybe it reminds you of when you were a teenager, driving your first car with the windows down, wind in your face with the radio blasting.

My Escape?

Music has such an impact on our lives. Whether it can make you get up and move, help you express your feelings, or calm yourself down.

Next time you’re in the car, stressing about life with the uncomfortable stab of life in your back, turn on that one song, your favorite from a few years ago. Roll down the windows, turn up the volume, and let yourself go.