kate-middleton-300225px-Marie_Antoinette_1767 I am under the extreme impression that Kate Middleton is the new Marie Antoinette, minus the awful beheading and royally bad attitude towards the average person.

Sure, they come from different backgrounds and Antoinette was Austrian/French and Middleton is British/British but let’s look at the bigger picture. Middleton was a bit older when getting married (early 30s) and Antoinette was in her late teens. But, in a certain way they both waited a long time before consummating their love publicly. Kate waited YEARS for Prince William to pop the question and Marie and Louis XLI didn’t knock boots until YEARS after their marriage.

They are both style icons for the world. Marie was always wearing customized gowns and flaunting them for the world to see (part of which got her in trouble). Kate is on any cover of magazine in the grocery checkout lane. Kate is, however, known for her style repeats. She’s so average. I love it.

Kate Middleton just announced that she is pregnant and England is rejoicing, hoping for a boy so they will have an heir to the throne. Whatever England, I am praying for a baby girl. A mix of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton will be the prettiest baby ever.

Marie Antoinette’s first born was also a girl, just saying. No need to go into the gory details about her going mad after her parents’ murders.