Ancient Mayans are credibly known for their advancements in astronomy and writing. However, this month they are known for clogging up news feeds with talk of the end of the world.

While many people across the globe are taking the idea of the end of Earth seriously by preparing bomb shelters in the backyard and stocking up on spaghetti-O’s others are rejoicing the day of December 22, 2012.

“The world should’ve ended four months ago or something like that because the Mayan’s didn’t account for leap year,” said Bryson Viquelia, a freshman at Pensacola State.

The Mayans calculated three different calendars stretching over thousands of years. The twenty-first marks the end of the first calendar called The Long Count. The next day will be just the same as the day before but in the next calendar, The Haab.

Somewhere the end of the first calendar was translated into the end of humanity as we know it and ensued panic to leak out onto the news feeds of millions.

Instead of the massive panic attacks that people are having, Mayan researches like to think that December 21, 2012, should be a day of celebration, the beginning of a new era.

“In the past hour I’ve had three posts about it [Mayans], but its been blowing up for the past week,” said Torie Opp, a student at PSC mentioning her Facebook newsfeed.

We have all seen the humorous cartoons and posts mocking the but why is it such a crisis?

“I think a lot of people are making such a big deal because sometimes the world shows signs like all the major earth quakes, and how is it so warm in December,” said Rebecca Byers, a sophomore at PSC.

Although nobody can be certain what will happen on December 21, 2012, buying a new pack of batteries wouldn’t be a bad idea whether they happen to be for new toys or perhaps flashlights.