Writing is literally pumped into my family bloodline going back centuries to the 1700’s with Thomas Paine, my (add some unimaginable number) great grandfather who wrote “Common Sense”. I always knew that I wanted to write when I grew up. What kind of child asks for essay topics for fun? When I was 17, I took my first journalism class with Jeff Pribble at Escambia High School. The class was a basic course that covered the rules and expectations of the world of journalism. I knew then that I wanted to pursue this field as a career.

At this point in my journalistic life, I know my principles are simple- like being under oath, I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God. I am inspired by extraordinary leads and a personable way of telling a story that is interesting to my readers but without hurting anyone along the way. I’m here for good clean white journalism, not yellow ( No offense Joseph Pultizer).

I am very driven within my community. I live, breathe, and support my local atmosphere. I especially found inspiration for my stories this semester within the people and things around me. You’d be surprised how cool your neighbor is, just have to talk to them first. With my story “Bikers For Manna Food Pantries” we get a look at a local group of biker friends that put together a poker run for the local food bank of Pensacola.

This semester has been my first actually working and learning to live the journalistic lifestyle and it has been an exciting experience. I have grown so much by learning the lay of the land. I have found myself asking for questions from people around me and making sure I have some sort of device that can record or photograph if need be. The #1 Rule: ALWAYS BE PREPARED.

Throughout New Media Technologies, the main focus was to open up to the world of technology and dabble in the unknown worlds of twitter, blogging, Adobe Premiere Pro and more. At first I was apprehensive about getting involved with such techy components. Now, just a few short months later, I tweet daily and find pleasure in putting together videos and slideshows like my audio slideshow entitled “Sailing the Daedalus.”

Since I’m still very new and still learning new information daily within journalism, I’m not sure what my strengths are. I do know that I’m not apprehensive about talking to people. I enjoy getting to know people and their stories. I believe that in every single person there is a life lesson that they learned the hard way so the smart lookers can learn by osmosis- not making the same mistake- or even follow in their basking light towards happiness. I feel like my communications skills have helped my interviews go smoothly this semester- which leads to awesome story ideas, much like my “The Anticipation of the Tosh Takeover.”

Honestly, there is always room for improvement, which I especially learned in my New Media Technologies class. A woman who ran the news world on this side of the south was back in school for her diploma. I was so thankful for her to be there in my class, teaching the other students what it’s like, what we need- A classmate mentor. I have a lot of room to grow. I hope to excel in all areas of my craft, which takes constant work.

As far as goals are concerned, I have many. I’d plan on continuing classes for my Journalism AA then transfer to a university that allows me to be challenged and succeed  in the ever changing in the Journalism world.